TP-Link AC1900 Driver Software Download

TP-Link AC1900 Driver Software Download – The tp-link isn’t as flashy as its pyramid-shaped brother or sisters, instead, going with simple white-slate color design. The design and also color theme are generally unimaginative with a small, smooth-expanse of white supported by a sophisticated silver-trimmed stand propping it up from behind and even three white aerials turning up from the top. If you take place to love Apple’s color selections on some of its devices, after that, this is the best shoo-in for you. Technically, you may be able to place the ac1900 on its back, but then you’re barely entrusted to an adequate room for plugging the Ethernet cable at the rear of the system.

TP-Link AC1900

Because of the router’s upright orientation, the intense blue LEDs are noticeable from across the room, and also they can be quite annoying in darkness. On the silver lining, though, the three aerials are removable, extremely sturdy as well as simple to position. Round the back, there are connection ports: a USB 2.0 port, WPS and reset button, an Ethernet socket, a power socket, and a switch (entrusted to the right). On the side, you have a 2nd USB port, this time a USB 3.0 port, which you can utilize for sharing of documents over your network through a USB drive.


  • SIGNAL PRICE 5GHz: Up to 1300Mbps. 2.4 GHz: As Much As 600Mbps 1GHz Dual-core CPU A beautiful ‘heart’ for quickly, stable performance with Wi-fi Dual USB ports 1 USB 3.0 Port + 1 USB 2.0 Port Gigabit WAN/LAN ports 4 10/100/ 1000Mbps LAN Ports.
  • Antenna 3 Removable Dual-Band Antennas Measurements (W X D X H) 8.7 X 3.4 X 6.6 in.


  • Brand: TP-Link
  • Name: ac 1900
  • Kind: C9
  • Dimensions: 221 x 86 x 168.5 mm
  • Chipset: Broadcom BCM4709 @ 1 GHz
  • RAm: 128 MB
  • Flash: 16 MEGABYTES
  • OS: TP-Link
  • Power supply: 12 V/ 3.3 A.
  • Protocols:
  • LAN Ports: 4 x 10/100/1000 Mbps.
  • WAN ports: 1 x 10/100/1000 Mbps.
  • Mobile network: no.
  • VPN assistance: no.
  • Antennas: 3 x 4 dBi,RP-SMA.
  • 2.4 GHz: yes.
  • 5 GHz: yes.
  • 60 GHz: no.
  • Criteria: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/ n/ac.
  • Course: AC1900.
  • Rate: 600 + 1300 Mbps.
  • Transmit power: 23 dBm.
  • Safety:
  • Visitor network: yes.
  • USB ports.
    1 x USB 2.0.
    1 x USB 3.0.
  • Print web server: yes.
  • File server: yes.

TP-Link AC1900 Driver Software Download


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